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10 suggestions op? Empty 10 suggestions op?

on Sat May 20, 2017 10:21 pm
Hello all my ingame name is Pat Mat and I enjoy playing on the server,  the following 10 suggestions I would like you to read thanks <3
Suggestion 1:
You know how there is the chop shop right? Dont you think it should sell cars for a bit more money like say for example you have the 10B car and someone steals it they should get like 100,000 at-least to make it worth carjacking big cars, and for the little guys people wont target there cars and everyones happy!
Suggestion 2:
If its possible it would be nice to see a vault in which where there is 4 police/swat or more people can raid it to take away money from the pd...  This vault would have a cooldown of say 15 minutes inbetween each raid and could slowly increase in value to promt raiding on a different level.
Suggestion 3:
ATM's should be added as they provide thieves a good fun time hacking them and also people can make group accounts which when you have a group like the mafia they can all use the money from a money pool which will make money sending very decent and efficient
Suggestion 4:
Sewers should be added back into the map as it provides people with hidden bases and people of meth jobs and stuff can live down there.
Suggestion 5:
Remove some of the admin roofs so people can base on them
Suggestion 6:
Have a automatic RP Name changer so when new players connect to the server it asks in a GUI box "Please set a RP name" and once they do they never have to do it again, this will avoid the hassle of admins tping to every single person with the incorrect name.
Suggestion 7:
Make alt+e not work on props, this will avoid people glitching into bases but still keep the fact that you can sit on a car in which has full seats
Suggestion 8:
If possible make the Hacker's hack phone have a delay in which it takes to hack a keypad for example a delay of 4 seconds, this would avoid quick raids and avoid people getting mad.
Suggestion 9:
Add a bank system where you can deposit guns in a safe place for later use.
Suggestion 10:
Instead of having nothing in the bank, add some turrets and set up a bank job for a challenging raid in which gives a great reward
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