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Banned for Esp?? Empty Banned for Esp??

on Sun May 14, 2017 8:05 pm
Steam Signup Name: tim_271
Steam IGN Name when banned: Pat My Rat
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:73309933
RP Name: Pat My Rat
Ban Reason: ESP
Ban Length: Perm
Reason why I want to be unbanned: I didn't even use ESP and the person who banned me has no proof that I was using it.
What happened: I was playing on the server for my first time when someone created a vote asking if they should drop 2B somewhere in the map people voted yes (18/24) at this time then one of the staff members I believe dropped a banknote of 2B on the ground, which after about 3 minutes of searching I found it. Later he did another one I believe I almost might of found it before he banned me for "ESP"

You can't just ban me because I find bank notes too quickly in the map... You need proof to ban someone... Maybe its beacuse I was lucky and I happened to be in the part of the map where he put it?

Anyways I hope you unban me as I was enjoying myself on the server :/ I dont even know how to get hacks so how would I even use esp ?
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