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Black Jesus False Ban Appeal Empty Black Jesus False Ban Appeal

on Mon May 08, 2017 11:28 am
There is no template for ban appeals, I will just do what I think is necessary. (please excuse the language I use within any quotes)

RP Name: Black Jesus

SteamId: STEAM_0:0:61655332

Ban Reason: "Minge|Mass RDM |Self Supply|Abusing Staff|FailRP. This list could honestly go on forever"

Banned by: Jew Smith

Ban Length: 4 days


FailRP: I did not failRP once, I had just been mugged by someone playing as a mafia boss, I paid him what he asked for and after he left I pulled out my gun and followed him outside, with his back turned I shot him using a double barrel which spread and killed another player(play time was covering who the other person was but I do believe it was Jew Smith) I did call out crossfire and only 2 people were killed in the shot (the mafia boss and the other person)

Mass RDM: I had only killed 2 people which I stated in the FailRP (The mafia boss and another person) I did not go on an intentional killing spree rdming people out of the blue.

Self Supply: I was on early this morning and had played as a gun dealer for a short time, I still had double barrels left over because there were not many people on and no one was interested in buying any of them, any other guns I had were found or picked up as a result of a legitimate kill.

Abusing Staff: Jew Smith was abusing his moderator powers on me almost all morning(picking me up and throwing me on the ground, pulling me back when walking with his physgun, no clipping while role playing, physgunning his car after I had stolen it as thief), I didn't mind at first it was just abit of fun but after he took my jukebox for the first time and hid it I prop climbed up on the rocks by the beach to see if he had placed it there because I watched him flying in that direction and he warned me for prop climbing, after that I wasn't very happy with him and talked to him in a tone he didn't appreciate, he then kicked me telling me to show some respect(but how could I?)

I came back on and told him he didn't deserve any respect and that he had been abusing his powers on me all morning, after more attempts at calling him out on his mod abuse he gagged me and I called him a "retarded mod"(I know that wasn't the right thing to do but he really was being an asshole to me) he then came into my 'base' and deleted half of it because it was "set up like a casino" with a wire mod random number generator that I was planning to gamble people with. I had been thief almost the whole time I was on with him but after my "staff abuse" he said I wasn't allowed it because of my role as a thief. He did not ask me to remove it nor did he remove the parts that were actually for gambling he just came in and deleted the wall exposing my stuff. After this I started rebuilding it and this is when the "Mass RDM" and "FailRP" happened.

Minge: The only "minge" thing I did was telling someone to "Stop sucking jews dick" because he had just come on the server and instantly took his side because he was a moderator.

As for "the list that could go on forever" the only other thing I can think of is playing a vulgar rap song by eminem over the jukebox.

Reason why I should be unbanned:

Jew Smith is the only staff member i've had problems with or has had problems with me. I am a friendly person and I've never caused problems for anyone else nor do I intend to. I usually just stick with building bases and role playing. I have been playing on the server for the past couple of days and never have any problems untill jew smith comes online. I do believe he stretched out the ban as much as he could even if that meant banning me for things I did not do (failRP, Mass RDM, being a minge).

I should have let it go with the prop climbing warn but it would not have been the first warn he has given me that was uncalled for, he had previously given me a false warn for racism after I was rdmed and the person who rdmed me got his friend to say I was being racist, without proof he let the 2 players go and warned me off their word(they were later kicked and banned for reasons I don't remember).  I would make a staff abuse report about him but I never record and do not have any proof other then my word.

If I am missing anything, please let me know below. I am assuming jew smith will reply to this thread, so please don't close it before I can respond to what he has to say.
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