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Finn Frees Admin Application Empty Finn Frees Admin Application

on Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:18 am
RP Name:Finn Free
Steam Name:WeetBix
Time Zone:SA adelade
Age: 16
How many hours on the server(Atleast 1 Week):2 day and 1 hours (dont pull this on me as i am very advanced in ULX and i do know the server)
Are you already mod?(If not dont bother):Yes i am the rank of Moderator
How many warns: 2 RDM
Have you ever been staff in Gmod before: Yes Owner of 2 servers superadmin on 3 admin on 4 moderator on 5 and STC on 1 tmod on the same as moderator
How well do you know ulx/fadmin:Very well
Have you been banned on our server: Yes
If yes why:Yes once but it was false and Tim unbanned me
How many hours can you be on a week:Well 40
Why do you want to be Admin:I see around me minges and spammers failrp all that.I want to put an end to all this Rule Breaking,So i will stop people from cheating i will stop minges, i will make peace on this server,Also racist people i will stop them,Also i feel like i need to be admin because there are many trial moderators now and i think the staff team could do with a new admin.
What can you bring to the community:My ULX experience,My kindness,My activeness,With all that i can bring an end to rule breaking,Minges i can make sure Lower ranks then me know how to do there job,i can also bring people to read the rules and not ddos,dos,or harm our players.
Extra Comments/Info:Thankyou for spending time to read my application,If i am denied please give me an reason so i can fix it next time Very Happy
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Finn Frees Admin Application Empty Re: Finn Frees Admin Application

on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:02 pm
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