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EmeraldRP Donation Policy Empty EmeraldRP Donation Policy

on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:35 pm
When you donate to the server you agree to the following terms.

1. Refunds will not be given out after the first 30 minutes of your making your purchase.

2. If the server is ever terminated your donation will not be refunded.

3. If the server is ever hacked and we have to shutdown the server for a little while to fix it it's not our fault.

4. Any chargeback from your paypal account after sending the donation will lead in you getting demotion no excuses and a scam report will be filled.

5. Any abuse of your donation rank will result in your removal of that rank without a refund.

6. Any rule breaking/exploiting/hacking or behaviour of this nature will result in you being stripped of your rank permanently with no refund.
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